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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our household and domestic waste usually ends up in landfills after collection from various sources. Approximately 30 000 tonnes of waste are produced by us everyday with only a minor 5% are recycled and re-purposed. The remaining 95% of the waste ends up in landfills around the country where even space for these landfills are diminishing. Available space for landfills are becoming scarce, more so with the intense competition from other industry sectors like property and infrastructure development or agriculture.
Although landfills are not inherently bad for the environment, it is a loss of land that could be used for other beneficial purposes. Landfilling household and domestic waste is also a waste of precious,non-renewable resources – especially for products that can be reused and recycled. Common products that are voraciously consumed are actually made out of resources that are depleting fast. The solution to this difficult problem is recycling – it conserves our natural resources that are non-renewable and reduces the amount of rubbish that goes into our landfills, thus lengthening the lifespan of existing landfills.

Alam Flora’s recycling facilities