20 · 06 · 2017 

Alam Flora further enhances its integrated management system (AIMS) as its commitment towards providing better public cleansing services to the public with Samsung’s latest business smartphone, the XCover 4

Kuala Lumpur, 20 June 2017 – With the new era of digitalisation rapidly expanding its border with astounding effect towards the business environment, Alam Flora Sdn Bhd (Alam Flora), one of country’s leading waste management player, has further improved its field communications and public feedbacks channels, by enhancing its communication hardware technology through the new Samsung XCover4 smartphones.

An exclusive mobile communication product created by Samsung that caters only for its business clients, the Samsung XCover 4, is expected to enhance the software mobile applications platform of the Alam Flora’s Integrated Management System (AIMS), the MResponz.

Alam Flora Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Mohd Zain Hassan said Alam Flora will be taking the application to the next level by maximizing integration with the device and to take full advantage of the phone feature set.

“The new set of software platform which is versatile, mobile centric and rapid programming, provides new features such as the contractor modules and security upgrade; plus with few enhancement in terms of application performance and lower power consumption to extend longer battery life. It’s also going to take full advantage of the Samsung XCover4 device features through deeper software-hardware integration,” said Datuk Mohd Zain Hassan.

He added that Alam Flora need to upgrade the software because to address our operation complexity and efficiency of our worker on the field to response to public complaints on real time. The new version of M Responz application which currently is using 2.6 version, will not only best to address current challenges but also come with new and futuristic features that will benefit Alam Flora in long run.

“The upgrading version of 2.6, will be the remarkable step for Alam Flora in embarking our company into the Digital Economy regime and turn our company into the leading Digital Waste Management Provider in Malaysia,” said Dato’ Mohd Zain.

Before this, Alam Flora had also introduced Alam Flora 4U application of which members of the public are able to give their feedbacks with regards to domestic solid waste collections, cleansing and recyclable waste issues. Feedbacks can be sent directly to the Alam Flora customer care centre, Flora Care, using this user-friendly application and it will be attended to within 24 hours.

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