“Beyond Waste Management in Creating a Sustainability Future”

The only thing that constant is change!

How true this phrase as by continuously innovating and this include the evolvement of a company logo as to effectively communicate the new way forward for the company and this same goes for Alam Flora, as to evolve together with the global agenda and mission of creating a sustainable world for all to live in and prosper.

For a company that has been active in the country’s waste management industry for over 25 years, it is indeed an opportune time for Alam Flora to renew its pledge and commitment especially with its new focus of ‘going beyond waste management’ with a new look via a new logo look.

Yes… we have a new logo look now and let it be assured that the passion and commitment remain the same and in fact, even more prominent and stronger bringing in a visual self-explanation of making environmental sustainability as its key driver that resonates call of ‘Let’s Green the Earth!’

It has been said, “The first impression is the last impression” and with that in mind Alam Flora did a ‘minimal but meaningful’ logo transformation with the change of the ’Red O’ to the ‘Green O’ of its logo name. Let’s all together help in creating a world that support green environment.

This is also in line with the change in ownership where Alam Flora is now a proud member of Malakoff Corporation Berhad, and to play an integral role as part of the company’s new mission and drive towards development of renewal energy and environmental solutions.

With this new logo look, it is our wish that Malaysians too have this positive change in our daily lives by creating a culture that promote recycling and a clean and safe environment. We have only one home and it is called Earth… Let’s keep it clean and green!

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