Mobile Receptacle Bins

Our mobile receptacle bins

Designed as a repository for solid waste, these bins are provided by Alam Flora for public usage. The bins should be placed outside of the house during collection day based on Alam Flora’s collection schedule. To keep unwanted pests and stray animals at bay, the bin lid must be closed tightly at all times. The respective premises owners should also clean the bins after collection by Alam Flora. In the event of loss or damaged bins, please call our toll-free number for further information on how to replace or repair the bins.

MGB 120L

For residential area

Material: Plastic HDPE

Capacity: 120L

MGB 240L

For Shops, Offices & Commercial Premises

Material: Plastic HDPE

Capacity: 240L

MGB 660L

Communal, Institutions & Commercial Premises

Material: Plastic HDPE

Capacity: 600L