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The increasing density population, especially in urban areas, gives rise to escalating volumes of domestic and commercial. To corroborate with the vision of the Malaysian government to successfully transform Malaysia into a clean and prosperous country, Alam Flora has been established to do public cleansing in concession areas has been undertaken by Alam Flora.

Alam Flora’s proven track record as an excellent service provider in waste management with close collaboration with the local municipalities or local authorities (LA). The public cleansing services that Alam Flora provides are:-

 Cleansing of Public Roads

 Cleansing of Public Places

 Cleansing of Public Toilets

 Cleansing of Public Drains

 Grass Cutting in Public Places and Curbside Grass Cutting on Public Roads

 Cleansing of Public Beach

 Clearing of Illegally Dumped Controlled Solid Waste

 Cleansing of Publicly Operated Hawker Centres, Publicly Operated Markets, Pasar Malam, Pasar Tani and Pasar Pagi

 Removal of Carcasses

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